The focus of Canan Erek`s „LTT 24“ is an examination about the complexity of media and press coverage. The nine dancers of the Company are on that evening itself part of the media apparatus. „LTT 24“ is like a broadcast station with 24 hours availability and information transfer.

Concept-Direction-Choreography: Canan Erek
Composition-Music: Christian Messer
Dance: Company des LTT
Stage: Rocc
Light: Rocc and Canan Erek
Costume: Eberhard von Knobloch
Dramaturgy: Viktoria Göke
Premiere: December 17th 2005 in Kulturfabrik Werk II, Leipzig
Production: Leipziger Tanztheater


„Canan Ereks production gives a lot space for own reflection and discovery and this makes again her work so exciting.“
December 19th 2005 Leipziger Volkszeitung by Bernd Locker

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