TEZAT – Solo evening

Is the absence of compulsion the same as freedom? Is a person free in his or her day-to-day life, or do certain things become compulsive much sooner than one would like to admit? Today, do we live in a forced freedom that is thrust back upon us? These contradictions are the point of departure for Canan Erek’s solo evening.

Tezat is an old Turkish word meaning contradiction. Contrasts that we experience in our thoughts and feelings produce a balance between two poles. They define everyday life – in both big and small ways. The first part of Tezat is devoted to the personal inconsistencies that quietly emerge on the inside when emotions and reasons are in conflict. Inspired by the writings of the philosopher Byung-Chul Han, Canan Erek explores the pressure to perform in everyday life during the second part of the program. As a result, the choreography opens up and questions the paradoxes of our society.

Concept-Choreography-Dance: Canan Erek
Assistence: Alessandra Defazio
Light: Lutz Deppe
Costume: Osamu Arai
Sound: Carlos Sandoval
Photography: Stephan Eichler, Dave Grossmann

Premiere: 25. of January, 2013 in Uferstudios Berlin


“abstracted in a wonderfully poetic way … the piece soars to a rousing climax.”
– zitty

“This show replaces a week of therapeutic fasting.” – junge Welt

A production of Canan Erek in corporation with Tanzfabrik Berlin, funded by the City of Berlin – Department for Cultural Affairs.

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