When have you arrived?
When do you feel complete where you live?

Choreography-Dance: Canan Erek
Music: Peter O`Donoghue, Regina Günther
Light: Claude Hidber

Premier: 11.6.1998 Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin


„Dreamlike poetry: dance theatre at Tacheles … An autobiographical story – after all, the beautiful Turkish woman has not only studied dance in Ankara, Essen and Berlin, but also the mentality of the people. Experiences that she translates into movement. Canan Erek’s self-discovery develops into an exciting trip…”
12th December 1998, Berliner Morgenpost – Bettina Müller

“With this festival contribution, the choreographer once again showed herself to be an outstanding dance dramaturge.”
16. November 1999, Augsburger Allgemeine

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