Failure as an opportunity, to failure as a break from life concepts, failure as a learning process or just amusing failure. The focus of „failed“ is the emotional and mental states of people who failed at their goals. With ten dancers of the Company choreographer Canan Erek, in its new production of the ambivalence of the term „failure“ by highlighting both the scope and the various meanings.

„The fights against summit can fullfill a human heart. We must imagine Sisyphus as a happy person.“
Albert Camus – The Myth of Sisyphus (1942)

Concept-Direction-Choreography: Canan Erek
Composition-Music: Christian Messer
Dance: Company des LTT
Stage: Rocc
Light: Rocc and Canan Erek
Costume: Eberhard von Knobloch
Dramaturgy/Text: Viktoria Göke

Premiere: October 27th 2006, Kulturfabrik Werk II, Leipzig
Production: Leipziger Tanztheater

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