How do we divide up our time?

This play is about the pressure to perform in the lives of individuals in a society that is moving ever faster. Where everything is getting faster through technological development, the perception of time in everyday life is also changing. The rapid globalisation that connects people through networks, the technical developments that are supposed to simplify life, set the pace for the modern lifestyle. Although modern people seem to gain time as a result, they live in a self-created time pressure.

Diretion-Choreography: Canan Erek
Dance: Firat Kilic
Music: Peter O`Donoghue, Marc Chesterman
Light: Florian Arnoldt

Premier: 4.1.2000 Tanztage im Pfefferberg, Berlin

„..the choreographer Canan Erek is less concerned with answers than with portraying the individual oscillating between calm and restlessness. With “Time(less)” she succeeds in expressing this tension.”
4th of January 2000, FAZ – Jana Sittnick

„…Canan Erek`s choreography „Time(less)“ is a powerful piece about life being accelerated by modern technology. Only a red emergency light is blinking when Firat Kilic suddenly appears as barely visible figure, merely trembling to mechanical sounds. But his movements accelerate as the sounds grow into a hurricane of industrial noise and take on an almost narcotic quality. He becomes a blur, flung helplessly around the stage, until churchbells ring out and he silently tries to escape…“
6th of January 2000, Die Welt – Pascal Edelmann

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