How is speed perceived?

Man, in competition with himself and with others, demands the extension of limits of every kind. Performance, whether in the technical, economic or physical sense, is always measured and evaluated in terms of speed. Speed is the mirror of our age. This intoxication has its pitfalls. The trap snaps shut when the individual is no longer master of the developments he or she has initiated.

Three dancers present this in an individual way and encourage us to rethink the definition of speed. The perception of this remains subjective in every case. Their relationships to each other are marked by mutual manipulation.

Concept-Choreography: Canan Erek
Dance: Anja Kursawe/Meike Brose, Jana Heilmann, Lea Helmstädter/Katja Scholz
Music: Christian Messer
Light: Florian Arnholdt

Premier: 13th of May 2002, Ballhaus Naunystrasse, Berlin

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